Water Superstore is a company that is deeply rooted within the Niagara Region. Our customers, employees and supporters are what make us successful. Without them, Water Superstore would not exist. One of our core values is to give back to our community by being invloved with charity events. We provide drinking water stations to countless, runs/walks, golf tournaments and special events hosted around the region. We believe that having the best drinking water available to the dedicated volunteers and participants is a valuable serivce.

Here are a few of recent sponsorships:

Rankin Cancer Run

Heart and Stoke Foundation

Red Roof

Niagara College: Solving Niagara Fundraiser

Niagara Sustainability Initiative : Annual Evening of Recognition

Racing Against Drugs

Fergie Jenkins Foundation

Niagara Ina Grafton Gage Foundation

Brendon Ford Run for Success

Lincoln County Humane Society

Bethlehem Housing and Support Services