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Wine Splash - High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System
High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System
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Remove Chemicals From Your Drinking Water

Introducing the Most Efficient Reverse Osmosis System on the Market

Standard Reverse Osmosis Membranes send 3-4 gallons of water to the drain for each gallon of purified water produced. The new Pentair GRO Membranes have a 1 to 1 ratio on purified water to rejected water.

Pentair TLC Residential Membranes use an industry leading state-of-the-art TLC (Thin Layer Composite) membrane providing high quality water for a broad range of water chemistries. Each membrane is required to meet  strict performance requirements prior to shipment.


  • Double the water production rate over standard reverse osmosis membranes

  • Performance comparable to standard reverse osmosis systems with 95-98% removal of all contaminants   

  • Can purify high input TDS water(Total Dissolved Solids)

  • TLC Thin Layer Composite membrane for maximum purification

  • 100% dry membrane maximizing shelf life

  • High Efficiency 75 Gallon per day membrane

  • 4 Gallon Storage tank

  • Upgrade Designer Faucet ($99.00 Added Value)

  • 5 Micron Pre -Sediment Filter

  • 2- 10 Micron Carbon Block Filters

  • Installation Ki