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Wine Splash - Five-Stage Home Reverse Osmosis System with Pump
Starting from: $699.00

Our 5 stage pure water system with booster pump is great for well or cistern water applictations or in applications with high water volume demand. With an added pressure boost to 80 psi this system will produce water very quickly and increase water pressure from your pure water faucet.


  • High Purity 75 GPD membrane reduces 95~98% of all chemicals and contaminants 
  • 5 year service warranty agreement available
  • 1 year component warranty



  • 5-micron poly spun sediment filter
  • 2- 10-micron carbon block pre filters
  • 75 GPD (gallon per day) TFC membrane
  • inline post production carbon filter to enhance the water's flavour
  • 4 US Gallon pressurized bladder holding tank
  •  24-volt booster pump that boosts feed water pressure to 80 psi. This whisper-quiet pump is perfect for country water situations
  • Installation Kit

This unit also features a 5 year service warranty agreement or a 1 year component warranty.




Wine Splash - Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Let Water Superstore customize a reverse osmosis system for you. Perfect for medium to large office applications and whole home applications.

Our commercial and large residential systems range from 100 GPD to 6000 GPD ( gallons per day ) and can purify even the most difficult problem water situations.

Contact us today for a Complimentary, No obligation estimate 

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