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Wine Splash - Fridge Packs
Starting from: $16.95

These Durable refillable water jugs are great for small spaces. Either place them in the fridge, for cold water, or on the countertop.  A spigot on the front  for dispensing water makes for convenient, easy filling of your coffee maker, tea kettle or glasses.

They come in a 3 gallon or 2 gallon size, which can be refilled from our U-Fill centre of just $1.60/ 2 gallon and $2.25/ 3 gallon.

Wine Splash - Sunflower Ceramic Water Dispenser
Starting from: $54.95

This sylish ceramic water dispenser is perfect for those who prefer room temperature pure water


Lead Free Ceramic

Includes plastic spout for dispensing

Easy to clean

Place on the countertop or pair with a natural wood stand

Will fit 5 Gallon or 3 Gallon water bottles


Wine Splash - Daisy's Ceramic Water Dispenser
Starting from: $54.95
Wine Splash - Blue Stripe Ceramic Water Dispenser
Starting from: $54.95
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