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Wine Splash - Dolphin Pumps
Starting from: $25.95

This is the Original Dolphin Brand Drinking Water Pump, Model 8080. There are many imitations out there. If you want a reliable, long lasting quality drinking water pump, the Dolphin Pump is the one to get!


  • Original Dolphin Brand Manual Water Pump. Don't be fooled by lesser quality imitations.
  • Fits most any 5 Gallon Bottles
  • Vacuum Action. Dispense as quickly or a slowly as you like
  • No batteries required
  • Cleaning Kit provided. Model No. 8080



Wine Splash - Fridge Packs
Starting from: $16.95

These Durable refillable water jugs are great for small spaces. Either place them in the fridge, for cold water, or on the countertop.  A spigot on the front  for dispensing water makes for convenient, easy filling of your coffee maker, tea kettle or glasses.

They come in a 3 gallon or 2 gallon size, which can be refilled from our U-Fill centre of just $1.60/ 2 gallon and $2.25/ 3 gallon.

Wine Splash - Bottle Cradle and Stand
Starting from: $39.90

This bottle cradle is durable and easy to use.  Fits most 3 & 5 gallon bottles and tilts into place. Uses minimal space, includes both cradle and tap (bottle not iIncluded).  Good for campers and small counter space. (CRADLE IS CHROME PLATED)

Wine Splash - H2Ok Cooler Cleaning Kits
Starting from: $10.95

Have You Cleaned Your Water Cooler Lately?

Introducing the New PRISTINE® H2OK™ Water Cooler Cleaner:


  • One treatment good is for 3 months to refresh and remove any odour and taste
  • Kills bacteria taking up residence your water cooler 
  • Easey to use: Just add H2OK to empty cooler, wait 15 minutes, drain and drink safe, fresh tasting, clean water.
  • Other uses: clean water filters, water bottles, water bags, carboys and camel packs.
  • Regular maintenance of your water dispenser and water bottles will ensure you enjoy pure, fresh tasting water!


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