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Wine Splash - Dolphin Pumps
Starting from: $25.95

This is the Original Dolphin Brand Drinking Water Pump, Model 8080. There are many imitations out there. If you want a reliable, long lasting quality drinking water pump, the Dolphin Pump is the one to get!


  • Original Dolphin Brand Manual Water Pump. Don't be fooled by lesser quality imitations.
  • Fits most any 5 Gallon Bottles
  • Vacuum Action. Dispense as quickly or a slowly as you like
  • No batteries required
  • Cleaning Kit provided. Model No. 8080



Wine Splash - Fridge Packs
Starting from: $16.95

These durable refillable water jugs are great for small spaces. Either place them in the fridge for cold water or on the countertop.  A spigot on the front for dispensing water makes for convenient, easy filling of your coffee maker, tea kettle or glasses.

They come in a 3 gallon or 2 gallon size, which can be refilled from our U-Fill centre of just $1.60/ 2 gallon and $2.25/ 3 gallon.

Wine Splash - Aqua Valve with Bottle Cradle Stand
Starting from: $39.90

This chrome plated bottle cradle is durable and easy to use. The Aqua Valve fits most 3 & 5 gallon bottles and the cradle tilts the bottle into place for optimal water dispensing. Uses minimal space, includes both cradle and tap (bottle not included).  Great for camping, group functions, home or office use.

Wine Splash - H2Ok Cooler Cleaning Kits
Starting from: $10.95

Have You Cleaned Your Water Cooler Lately?

Introducing the New PRISTINE® H2OK™ Water Cooler Cleaner:


  • One treatment good is for 3 months to refresh and remove any odour and taste
  • Kills bacteria taking up residence your water cooler 
  • Easey to use: Just add H2OK to empty cooler, wait 15 minutes, drain and drink safe, fresh tasting, clean water.
  • Other uses: clean water filters, water bottles, water bags, carboys and camel packs.
  • Regular maintenance of your water dispenser and water bottles will ensure you enjoy pure, fresh tasting water!


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