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Wine Splash - Four-Stage Home Reverse Osmosis System
Starting from: $599.00


  • 50 GPD (gallon per day) high purity TFC membrane
  • Purifies water removing 95-98% of all chemicals and contaminants  
  • 5 year service warranty available
  • One the most trusted  reverse osmosis systems on the market today


  • ​5-micron poly spun pre filter
  • 10-micron carbon block
  • Inline post production carbon filter to enhance the water's flavour
  • 4 Gallon Storage Tank
  • Installation Kit
  • Standard pure water faucet


"I no longer have to lug those bulky jugs around. That alone is worth the price of system. The filters are easy to change , the system is completely silent and takes up very little space under my sink. The staff had all the answers to my questions and are always just a phone call away… very satisfied customer"     Robert B, St.Catharines 2015


" I wanted to let you know how much I love my new RO System. Not only do I love the taste of pure, clean,  water but I have the peace of mind of knowing my body no longer has to filter out all those chemicals that are present in the water"    Joan J. Pelham 2015


Wine Splash - AquaMaster 700 High Efficiency Water Softener

Canada's Most Efficient Water Softener

The AquaMaster 700 is meant for use on municipal water supplies.


  • Softens up to 70 grains hardness per gallon
  • Built-in 20-micron self-cleaning filter
  • Reduces Iron
  • Regenerates (self-cleans) in just 21 minutes, only when required (on demand)
  • Uses as little as 14 gallons of water and only 2.5 lbs of salt to regenerate(to remove 10,400 grains of hardness)
  • Powered by an ENERGY STAR qualified adapter for a better environment

Contact us today if you have any questions or want to place an order

Aquamaster products comply with the mandatory CSA B483.1 certification for Ontario.

Wine Splash - Iron Eater Platinum Air Birm Filter
Starting from: $2099.00

This model injects air into the water to remove iron and sulphur without the use of chemicals. This system is technically the best there is at removing iron and sulphur from your well or cistern.

Wine Splash - Stainless S3 C&C Water Cooler
Starting from: $249.00

S3 Product Features:

  • D-shape contemporary design for small space footprint
  • Non-removable stainless steel cold water tank
  • No spill standard insert
  • Appliance-grade, fingerprintless stainless steel cabinetry
  • Energy Star rated

5 Year Warranty

A sleek and contemporary-look water cooler that offers reliability in a modern stainless steel design to match your home decor.



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