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Wine Splash - Economy Iron and Sulphur Filter
Starting from: $899.00

This model uses potassium permanganate to clean the media bed. Chemical refills are required every 2~3 months, depending on usage.

Wine Splash - Trojan UV Max Whole Home UV System
Starting from: $1199.00

Complete Whole Home Integrated Ultra Violet System

Owners of a Trojan UVMax can drink with confidence knowing 99.99% of illness-causing microorganisms, including E. coli,  Cryptosporidium and Giardia are destroyed, supplying safe water to every tap. The Integrated Home System is a reliable, economical and chemical-free way to safeguard drinking water in any residential application.


- 4" x20" Pre Sediment Filter 5  Micron

- 4" x 20" Carbon Filter- 10-20 Micron 

-  Ultra Violet Provides up to 16 gallons per minute of water flow

-  Safety cap and Lamp plug prevents children from accessing the lamp or electrical components.

- Lamps and sleeves are assembled together for ease of handling. They can be replaced separately, in minutes and without tools.

- The lamp timer display starts at 365 and counts down the days to annua lamp replacement.

- Mute button If a warning alarm sounds, simply press this button to silence the alarm.

-Lamp and Timer resest button- Once annual lamp replacement is completed, press this button to restart the Lamp timer.

- Indicator lights show the status of system components. Warning light appear when system maintenance is required.



- Easy Installation with 1 " Porting

- Includes bracket for easy wall mount installation

- Ideal for homes, cottages and rainwater harvesting

- 4" x 20" Filters provide longevity and flow rates up to 25 GPM (gallons per minute) as compared to smaller filters

- Backed by VIQUA with 3 Year Warranty

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Wine Splash - 3M Full Flow Chlorine Removal
Starting from: $159.00

The 3M Aqua Pur is an under-sink filtration system that provides better drinking water by reducing taste, odour and sediment and has the added bonus of not having to install or use a separate faucet! It provides full flow filtration to your existing faucet, eliminating the need for an extra faucet on the counter.

  • 0.5 Micron Rating
  • Removes Chlorine, THM's , TCE's, Sediment, Taste, Odour, Cysts ( Cryptosporidium)
  • 2000 gallon (7571 litres) cartridge life ( approximately 1 Year)
  • Built-in bypass valve
  • Easy sanitary quick change filter cartridges
  • NSF 42 tested & certified
  • Flow rate: 2 gallons per minute
  • Fits 3/8" copper or plastic water line

Aqua-Pure Replacement Cartridge C-Cyst-FF $99.00

Wine Splash - Kelvin C&C Water Cooler
Starting from: $219.00

Kelvin Product Features

  • Rounded contemporary design
  • Non-removable stainless steel cold water tank
  • No Spill standard insert
  • Sturdy blow-moulded polyethylene cabinet – dent and scratch resistant
  • Energy Star rated

5 year Warranty

A reliable and contemporary-look water cooler featuring great perceived value, quality design,sturdy construction and easy serviceability.



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