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Wine Splash - UVD 320 Mini Rack
Starting from: $899.00

Eliminate Bacteria From Your Water

UVD 320 3 Stage Ultra Violet Disinfection System

For Your Whole Home


- 8 Gallons per Minute Flow through UV Chamber

- 2 "x 20" Pre-Sediment Filter 5 Micron

- 2 "x 20" Carbon Filter 10  Micron

- 3/4 " Porting

- Audio/ Visual Lamp Timer on U/V System

- Kills 99.99 % of Viruses and Bacteria

- Eliminates Cryptosporidium with Carbon Filter Option


- Easy, quick installation

- Ease of service

- Includes bracket for neat and tidy installation mount on a wall

- U/V Chamber is equipped with a bottom mounted 1/4" drain plug to facilitate winterization in seasonal applications

- Ideal for homes, cottages and treating harvested rain water




Wine Splash - Sediment Filters
Starting from: $7.99

This sediment cartridge is made of 4 layers of polypropylene media. It is suitable for municipal, well or cistern applications.  An excellent pre filter for your reverse osmosis system or your under sink double/triple filtration system.


Sediment, Sand, Silt, Rust  

Flow Rate 7-10 GPM

Available in 2x10, 2x20, 4x10, 4x20 Sizes

Options : 1 Micron, 5 Micron, 10 Micron, 25 Micron

Wine Splash - Drive Thru Water

Enjoy the convenience of Niagara's ONLY Water Drive Thru

It's as easy as it sounds. Simply drive up to the order window, pay for your water using cash, debit, visa, mastercard or use one of our money saving pre-paid water plans. Pull your card ahead to the pick up door and we do the rest. We will take your empty water bottles and replace them with freshly filled reverse osmosis in a 5 or 3 gallon size. Also available through our drive thru is spring water in a 5 gallon size.


Did you know that we also have cases of 500mL reverse osmosis water to go ? Packaged in cases of 24 they are comparably priced at $7.99/24 case.


Senior discounts are available for use in our drive thru.


Try it today... you'll be glad you did



Wine Splash - BPA FREE Water Bottles
Starting from: $15.95
- Environmentally conscious-up to half the carbon emissions of polycarbonate
- Shatter resilient and durable
- Convenient handle molded right into plastic for ease of transporting
- Plastic does not break down


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