Our Green Story


Our Green Story

In 2011, Water Superstore was looking for ways to reduce its environmental impact from business operations. Being involved in a large water delivery business and in purifying municipal water on a large scale we knew there had to be a way to reduce our carbon footprint, but we were not quite sure where to start. With heightened awareness we began to search for assistance. It came quite quickly when we noticed a newspaper article featuring a NEW organization, the Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI).  We contacted them immediately and set up a meeting with their director at the time, Evan DiValentino. Little did we know how our relationship with NSI would grow and evolve. NSI was at the start up phase of their organization and Water Superstore knew that NOW was the time to get involved… at the grass roots.

Over the past 5 years Water Superstore has been a monitoring partner with NSI. We have voluntarily begun to track our annual carbon footprint from business operations. By monitoring the current situation it has allowed us to set a benchmark to make future carbon reduction goals. As well in 5 years with the assistance of NSI we have attended many seminars, been part of an environmental assessment project and have been educated on what it really means to be a green company. The vast amount of knowledge and resources available to us through our association with NSI has allowed us to be at the cutting edge of sustainability.

As an organization we have realized that is not enough to say you are sustainable, but to realize how daily business decisions both small and large impact the environment.

These decisions are in alignment with our core values of sustainability and growth.

Sustainability is a conscious choice. It is something the must resonate and be supported from upper management and through every department. Sustainability is an ongoing process and will continually change as new technologies allow businesses to further reduce their carbon footprint in ways we can only imagine today. Water Superstore is proud to be on this path and will continually find ways to reduce our impact on the environment.